Bungling Thieves Steal Classic Chevy Impala by Pushing It With Toyota Prius

impala being stolen
Bungling Thieves Steal a Classic Chevy Impala KTLA 5 / YouTube

A teal green 1962 Chevrolet Impala convertible equipped with hydraulic suspension and worth an estimated $100,000 was stolen in Los Angeles last week. But the thieves didn’t have an easy time of it. After failing to start the car, they ultimately resorted to using a Toyota Prius to push it down the road, KTLA News reports.

Seth Wayne worked his whole life to purchase his dream car. Then, on the eve of his birthday, after just a couple weeks of ownership, the car was taken from him. The theft happened right outside his home in Woodland Hills, California on the night of January 11, according to KTLA. Though, the theft wasn't easy. The thieves seemingly almost electrocuted themselves in the process.


Security camera footage shows the thieves approaching the custom Impala in the middle of the night. They struggle to open the hood of the car before eventually prying it open. But that was just the start of their problems.

“I guess they weren’t familiar with what the hydraulics were and what was going on back there and when they yanked the cables, the charger, the positive and the negative, they hit it and sparks went flying everywhere,” Wayne said, KTLA reports.

To make matters worse for the crooks, the Impala was having some engine work done at the time and some parts were not installed. This made starting the car impossible. However, the thieves were persistent. One man got in a silver Prius while the other got into the Impala and yelled, “Push me!” to his accomplice. Sadly, despite being a couple of inept thieves, they managed to get away with the car eventually.

Wayne is a flight instructor and normally stores his car in a secure airplane hangar. Unfortunately for him, he decided to park it at his home that night and thieves seized the opportunity. Wayne has the car fully insured, however, like most auto enthusiasts, he just wants his car back.

Anyone who recognizes the thieves or has information on the incident is asked to call the Los Angeles Police Department at 1-877-275-5273.

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