Burned Farm House Hides Classic Ford On Property

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This abandoned piece of land shows what remains of a property taken by fire.

This abandoned piece of land shows what remains of a property taken by fire.

Along the perimeter of this land, there is an air of mystique and inquiry surrounding the events of this devastating fire. While it's difficult to say why the flames took the old bar because of how long ago it happened, we can clearly see some reminiscence of the life that once was. A few farm trucks and station wagons scatter what was likely the front yard, while farm equipment shows what the property was probably used for in its prime. One of the more prominent indicators of a farmer's lifestyle is the gigantic combine which looks like something straight out of the movie cars. All this is cool stuff that any history enthusiast would love to get their hands on, but the most exciting part is yet to come.


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Rather than focusing on something that looks like a Datsun wagon or some old tools strewn across the ground, there is one vehicle whose presence is an instant attraction to many classic car enthusiasts. This is a 1957 Ford whose exact model is not entirely known, though it looks like a Frog Eye Fairlane. Classics like this can be typically chalked up to little more than a once desirable vintage vehicle lost to the hands of time. However, the enthusiast behind the camera is a man known primarily for his love for old abandoned automobiles. Like many of us, he is dedicated to making a new life for those disheveled models whose style has rotted with age.

So naturally, he sees great potential with this vehicle which is precisely why the car was pulled from its dry grave and hoisted onto a trailer. This team's intention was to restore the vintage luxury cruiser to its original glory, finally reuniting the classic with its first love, the road. Though it will likely be a long and arduous process, the Ford shows little to no rust on the exterior, which is perfect for any builder aspiring to a project like this. So it would seem that this car will soon be on the road again as a restoration, restomod, or hot rod. However, there are still many cars like this one out there waiting to be saved from a life of rust and rot, and were sure this will inspire others to build their own incredible classics in the years to come.

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