"Buy It For Life": People Are Sharing Things They Bought Years And Years Ago That Have Really Stood Up To The Test Of Time

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The Buy it For Life subreddit is dedicated to helping people find high quality items that will last...well, for life.


#greenscreen Deinfluence yourself by buying things for life! This subreddit is a really helpful resource for finding quality, sustainable items that last. #sustainability #sustainableliving #buyitforlife #sustainablehacks #financialfreedom

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And I love it. As a personal finance nerd and someone who lives frugally, this sub has been super helpful in researching things I want to buy.

Here are 20 items that have stood the test of time:

1.A wedding gift from 1961 that still makes delicious waffles.

old waffle maker with made waffles
Reddit User fredfreddy4444 / Via reddit.com

2.This North Face jacket has been going strong as a work jacket for the last decade.

man in a gray North Face jacket takes selfie in mirror

Reddit user u/MrR-YGuy shared that he bought this men’s insulated mountain parka in 2013 and that he can wear it in -23°C weather (that's -9.5°F for us Americans) with only a long sleeve underneath.

Reddit User MrR-YGuy / Via reddit.com

3.This 1920's toaster is still toasting!

old toaster toasting a piece of bread
Reddit user BenderSimpsons / Via reddit.com

4.Can't you taste the Kool-Aid in this pitcher?

vintage plastic pitcher

Reddit users unlocked a core memory en masse when u/surfguitarboy shared this Rubbermaid pitcher.

Reddit user surfguitarboy / Via reddit.com

5.This gas range is from 1949 and is used every day.

gas range with pots on top

Redditor u/industrialdweeb bought this for $20 and has definitely gotten their money's worth.

Reddit User industrialdweeb / Via reddit.com

6.A 99 year old fridge just celebrated its birthday.

vintage fridge
Reddit User LuLuWanda / Via reddit.com

7.Spending $10 on a pencil is expensive, but if it lasts 22 years it's worth it.

mechanic pencil on a desk

User u/faith5 bought this pencil 22 years ago while abroad, and it's become their go-to for over two decades now.

Reddit User Faith5 / Via reddit.com

8.Though expensive, Herman Miller chairs go the distance. This one from 1999 is in great condition.

office chair with wheels

24 years old and looking good as new!

Reddit User i9-69420XE / Via reddit.com

9.Classic fashion never goes out of style, as this 1944 pea coat shows.

person wearing a peacoat

This US Navy coat turns 80 years old next year!

Reddit user 5552020 / Via reddit.com

10.All Clad pans that are used four times a week and look great doing it.

four pans on a countertop

All Clad is recommended again and again, and Reddit user u/Sliceman21 has had this set for the last three years.

Reddit User Sliceman21 / Via reddit.com

11.This Le Creuset set from 1977 gets high praise.

set of pots hanging on a rack
Cuthman99 / Via reddit.com

12.How does a 115-year lifespan hit you?

cast iron pan

U/AwkwardGrimace inherited this from their grandfather and it's still cooking things after 115 years.

Reddit User AwkwardGrimace / Via reddit.com

13.Used daily from 1970–2018? Eat your heart out, Nalgene.

old and new stanley thermos side by side
Reddit user MrJwoj / Via reddit.com

14.This Kitchenaid mixer from the 1970s can still help you bake a cake today.

vintage mixer
Reddit User Will3675 / Via reddit.com

15.When aliens finally land, this 97-year-old pen is probably what someone will use to document the landing.

pen on top of a notebook
Reddit User Jiggles42 / Via reddit.com

16.This 1969 Kenworth W900 has over three million miles on it and is still used every day.

closeup of a large delivery truck
Reddit User Chase Edison / Via reddit.com

17.A 60-year-old backpack that, frankly, looks like it was just made.

backpack with leather straps
Reddit User Jim Nixon / Via reddit.com

18.Redditor TestFire10's parents bought matching NorthFace jackets when they got married 40 years ago. They're still in incredible shape!

jacket laid out on a chair
Reddit User TestFire10 / Via reddit.com

19.This 30-year-old rice maker is still in use two to three days a week.

ricemaker on a counter
Reddit Uder volcs0 / Via reddit.com

20.And finally, Willie Nelson putting us all to shame by cranking out the hits on a guitar with a literal hole in it (besides the one that's supposed to be there).

Willie Nelson playing his guitar Trigger
Reddit User rdlinke / Via reddit.com

Do you have anything that you consider a buy-it-for-life item? Drop it in the comments to help us all save some money!