Buy Paul Walker's Skyline R34 GT-R From Fast & Furious

paul walker nissan skyline gtr for sale fast and furious
Buy Paul Walker's Skyline R34 GT-RBonhams

This 2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R starred in the fourth Fast & Furious movie, driven on-screen by character Brian O'Connor, played by the late Paul Walker. Now, you can own it.

Auction house Bonhams will be selling the Bayside blue Skyline during its Brussels, Belgium event happening April 28 to May 5.

This very GT-R played the role of Walker's "hero" car, appearing throughout the 2009 Fast film. In the movie, the car is selected from an impound lot to go street racing before it's used to cross the Mexican border.

Those who know the Fast franchise well will be asking: Wasn't this car blown up at the end of the film? The car shown on screen being destroyed was actually one of several stunt cars, built from lesser Skyline GT-T models. The Nissan you see here wasn't used in any action shots, where it could have been damaged.


Bonhams says this GT-R was purchased in Japan and shipped to the U.S. without an engine by Kaizo Industries. The company sourced a correct RB26 inline-six and modified the car exactly to Walker's specifications, while also federalizing it with strengthened seatbelt mounts and body shell reinforcements.

The list of modifications is extensive. There's a front-mounted intercooler, Nismo lowering springs, a roll cage, Volk Racing wheels, upgraded brakes, a rear seat delete, a custom head-up display, a new hood, an upgraded exhaust, and more. Bonhams says thanks to all the mods, this GT-R is making 550 hp.

This GT-R was exported from the U.S. to Germany in 2012, where it's remained since. It hasn't been registered for road use in Europe, instead being used as an exhibit at the Munich Motorworld museum. Bonhams has not listed a price estimate, though cars that have appeared in the Fast franchise often go for big money. We don't expect this sale to go any differently.

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