Buy This Short-Lived Corvette GTP, Add Bodywork Later

corvette gtp
Buy This Short-Lived Corvette GTP, Add BodyworkMecum

Before Corvette Racing and the modern Cadillac GTP program, General Motors decided to take a shot at factory sports car racing with a factory Corvette-branded GTP program run by NASCAR team Hendrick Motorsports. Some of those cars remain in the wild, and they occasionally come up for private sale as unique relics of racing history. This one is even more unique, presented for sale without any bodywork at all.

hendrick corvette gtp

This specific Corvette is available at Mecum's upcoming Indianapolis auction, where the owner has decided to present it in a bare metal that shows us just how simple these GTP cars were underneath the bodywork. A thin roll cage pops out of an aluminum chassis, which holds an engine, a transmission, four corners of suspension, and not much else.


The cars represented the C4 Corvette, but the engine is actually a turbocharged V-6. Initially, the chassis assigned to Lee Racing was given a V-8 while Hendrick ran the V-6 car. Seven cars were built in total, with five cars designed for the V-6 that landed in this particular chassis.

corvette gtp bodywork

As for the bodywork, it appears that the current owner is storing it in their garage. In addition to the panels that actually go on the car shown in the photos, the car also comes with spare wheels, headlights, windscreens, brake rotors, and 36 separate containers of loose spare parts. All of that should be enough to keep the Corvette GTP racing, although ideally any racing will be done with that bodywork actually put back on the car.

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