C.J. Gardner-Johnson sends shot at Eagles fans, then deletes tweet

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Gardner-Johnson sends shot at Eagles fans in deleted tweet originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Maybe there's a reason Howie Roseman didn't bring C.J. Gardner-Johnson back on a long-term deal after all.

The now-former Eagles safety took to Twitter once again on Tuesday morning to spew more anger into the Internet, and then immediately delete yet another tweet. It's become a habit for the enigmatic 25-year-old, who signed a one-year deal with the Lions after reportedly turning down a longer-term offer from the Eagles.

Here's a screenshot of the deleted tweet:

He also decided to run with the "Hurts, Don't It?" phrase that Jalen Hurts used last year before deleting that as well:

Buddy, I don't know what links you're clicking on, but my Twitter timeline has been full of Eagles fans who are kind of bummed that you're gone. (Also, if you're going to tweet something, say it with your chest. Stop deleting.)

Maybe the tweets he's seeing have something to do with this quote from Gardner-Johnson on the Lions' current roster vs. last year's Eagles roster, which was widely considered the best in the league by a good margin:

"He said he sees similarities between this Lions team and the Eagles one that went to the Super Bowl, but that Detroit has 'a little bit better' talent than what he played with in Philadelphia last year.

"'But that’s just on me, from the outside looking in,' Gardner-Johnson said. 'But this team has talent.'"


Gardner-Johnson had an excellent 2022 season with the Eagles, notching a league-high six interceptions in just 12 games and making timely plays in big moments. But his value league-wide wasn't what he'd hoped it would be for a reason; whether that reason is personality-driven or Xs & Os isn't totally clear.

What is clear is that the Eagles had some reservations about Gardner-Johnson's organizational fit once he came back around, days into free agency. Via the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane:

"He was occasionally prone to mental errors or missed tackles, but his instincts and athleticism offset some of the on-field negatives. Off the field, Gardner-Johnson created some initial friction, but Eagles leaders and internal support got him to buy into the program in a contract year. But the team viewed him as a risk if he signed a multi-year deal — the risk being that Gardner-Johnson could be affected by the millions of dollars he was now being paid."

He's a good player, but it's looking more and more like the Eagles will be just fine letting him go run his mouth in Detroit. Odds are good he won't tally six more interceptions in 2023. Birds fans can thank him for the contributions and vibes during a storybook run to the Super Bowl and keep it pushing.