C4 Corvette Takes On JDM Racers With GTR Engine

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Does this combo even work?

The C4 Corvette has become one of the most highly modified and popular classes of car within the automotive industry because of its incredibly low price. Previously, a lot of enthusiasts slept on vehicles as the 1980s weren’t exactly a great time for any cars from the factory. However, Some car guys really take their vehicles to the absolute limit whenever possible. In the case of this particular fourth generation Corvette, that’s exactly what happened.

Under the hood, you might expect to find some big V-8 engine however you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, spinning the back tires of this Corvette is a Nissan engine. It was always sort of a funny rivalry, that of the muscle cars versus the racers. However, those two genres of car culture seem to come together in this one vehicle. Whether it does so successfully is another matter to be decided completely subjectively.

As much as you GTR fans love to brag about how your stock block can handle a ton of power, this engine has to dial it back to just 450 hp to be able to keep traction properly. The sound of a roaring GTR powertrain bellows out of the exhaust and fills the canyons. It also goes extremely well with the extravagant exterior styling which features a dark metallic green and some smoky ghost flames. Overall, it’s an out of this world build that combines the best of two completely different aspects of car culture, something its owner is quite proud of.

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