C5 Chevy Corvette Races Bolt EV

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Do you think the electric car even stands a chance?

When it comes to interesting and maybe even a little crazy for car matchups, pitting a C5 Corvette against a Chevy Bolt is up there. After all, both are Chevrolets but that’s where the similarities end. One is a V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive sports car and the other is a front-wheel-drive, all-electric hatchback.

See what a teen did to his parents’ C5 Corvette here.

Even though the C5 Corvette with its LS1 V8 might not be the most respected or formidable modern version of the ‘Vette, it’s still not a complete pushover. After all, it’s America’s sports car and signaled a big leap forward, not that the tail end of the C4 era was all horrible, but still.


Then there’s the Chevy Bolt. Sure, it might look a little dorky, well actually a lot dorky, but EVs with their instant full delivery of torque from a standstill can be troublesome off the line. Good launches make a huge difference in a drag race, but is that enough for the little hatchback to win?

Tires are also a key component and that’s where the Bolt really runs into trouble. Assuming this one comes with the factory Michelin Energy Saver A/S Selfseal Green X tires, those are notorious among owners as providing absolutely horrible grip in normal driving situations. A lot of people ditch them for something better.

For this video, The Fast Lane Car not only did a quarter mile race from a standstill, it also did a rolling start and a braking test. Even though the C5 Corvette in question is 25 years old at the time of testing, it seems obvious it will just mop the floor with the Chevy Bolt, right? Or maybe not. Like we said, this is an interesting matchup with quite the results.

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