C7 Corvette Hits Police ATV

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Two military veterans came to the rescue…

At about 4:30 am on October 10, a Miami Beach Police officer riding an ATV was struck head-on by a C7 Corvette. The crash was so violent witnesses describe the officer being thrown over the handlebars and onto the hood of the Chevy, then rolling off into the road. Fortunately, help for the fallen officer was immediate, thanks to two U.S. Army veterans who happened to be right there.

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David Kelley and Michael Lane were on vacation, enjoying the warm weather when they saw the accident. They credited their military training for why they just instinctively rushed over and began administering first aid until other first responders arrived on the scene.

Miami Beach Police say the officer was responding to an emergency call on the department’s ATV. The Corvette didn’t yield at an intersection, which is what lead to the collision. It turns out the guy driving that red convertible sports car, Nash Martin, has a suspended license. He was arrested and charged for that crime, but something tells us he’s going to be facing some other charges in the near future.

Motorcycle owners know the frustration of not being seen by drivers on the road. It even happens to people who drive smaller cars, like a Miata or Z4. Exactly why Martin didn’t yield isn’t clear, but we’re guessing it had something to do with failing to see the ATV, but nothing in the local report indicated intoxication has been ruled out. Whatever the reason, this is another reminder of why everyone in a smaller vehicle, whether it has two or four wheels, should be appropriately defensive on public roads.

Fortunately, the officer’s injuries weren’t too serious. He was treated and released from the hospital. That’s especially fortunate for Martin, because if the officer were seriously hurt he would be facing even stiffer consequences for the wreck.

Source: 7 News Miami

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