C7 ZR1 Beats Ford GT At Its Own Game

John Puckett
·2 min read

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Sending the C7 Corvette off with a bang, GM produced some of the rarest and most capable Corvettes ever with the C7 ZR1 making America's Sports Car rarer and faster than the Ford GT.

Only 2441 C7 ZR1 Coupes actually rolled out of the Bowling Green factory. Of those, over 70-percent featured the big wing option and were fully loaded with the 3ZR equipment package. The most popular color proved to be Sebring Orange with Black, Arctic White, and Torch Red close behind. Despite being a notoriously fun car to drive especially when equipped with a manual transmission, most of the cars featured an automatic transmission with paddle shifting capabilities. While if you were shopping for the rarest of the breed, a bare optioned Admiral Blue Convertible with a manual transmission would be your car, when all the most popular options come together the result is one of the best Corvettes ever made.

Regardless of the options list, the ZR1 amounts to one of the rarest American sports cars with supercar abilities ever made. Rarer than the 05 and 06 Ford GTs and, in light of a recent timed lap around the Virginia Motor Speedway, faster than the current Ford GT. With these kinds of capabilities and rare pedigree, it is imaginable that getting your hands on one might be a bit of a reach. However, one Ohio Dealer actually has five C7 ZR1s available right now! Three of which are finished in three of the most popular colors, red, white, and black, and all include the models best options.

As a boutique car dealership in Marysville, Ohio with a special interest in offering Corvettes of all vintages, C&N Motor Cars is the place to go to find low mileage well cared for cars. All three of these 2019 ZR1 Corvette are equipped with an automatic transmission, the premium 3ZR equipment package, and Carbon Flash accents. Any one of these cars would make a good addition to a collection, a fun driving car, or an awesome track car. However, if you don’t have a $170K to spend on a ZR1 or the Corvette is just not your style, C&N Motor Cars is still the place to go as they have everything from $26K Mini Coopers to $630K Ferraris.

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