C8 Corvette Driver Busted Doing 149 MPH in a 65-MPH Zone

c8 corvette stopped by oshp for 84 mph over the limit dash cam footage screenshot
C8 Corvette Busted Doing 149 MPH in a 65 MPH ZoneOhio State Highway Patrol

The driver of a C8 Corvette was recently stopped by an Ohio State Trooper after the mid-engined sports car was clocked doing 149 mph in a 65 mph zone on 1-75 outside of Cincinnati.

According to a report by Local 12, Ohio State Trooper Gideon Bayu made contact with the Rapid Blue C8 Corvette Stingray on I-75 in Turtlecreek Township on the evening of April 26. Upon pulling the car over, driver Nicolai Brad Crumpler told the officer that he had become frustrated with the driver in front of him swapping lanes and slowing down ahead of the C8.

"So when he’d go around me, I would get over in another lane. He would slow down and get in front of me, then I would get over, and he’d be gone, and I’d speed up back to speed, so I’m really sorry," Crumpler said in bodycam footage from the stop.

While the driver admitted to Bayu that they did use some throttle to get around the annoyance, they were shocked to learn they were doing some 80 mph over the speed limit. Both men kept calm throughout the interaction however, highlighting Bayu's poise as a Trooper.


While an officer would be well within their rights to arrest the speeding driver on the spot, that’s not what happened in this case. Bayu instead opted to use the traffic stop to help Crumpler recognize the danger involved with what he was doing that night. Separating yourself from a vehicle you deem unsafe to follow is one thing, but doing so at 150 mph is not an appropriate response. Add in the fact that both drivers were seemingly vying for position on the road and things could’ve gone sideways quickly. This particular stretch of I-75 also notably runs between two of Ohio’s most populated metro areas and is frequently busy with vehicles.

2020 chevrolet corvette stingray

The driver will ultimately have to face a local judge to determine the full extent of his punishment. Speeding fines in Warren County are capped at $235, though that figure is meant for speeders traveling between 31 and 34 mph over the limit. Considering this Corvette was traveling an additional 50 mph faster than that, the chances of a simple slap on the wrist don’t look great.

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