C8 Z06 Will Be Hit With Gas Guzzler Tax

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The big guy gets his cut…

The Gas Guzzler Tax is one of those things just about every enthusiast loves to hate. After all, paying even more money to The Man just for the privilege of having a car capable to dumping more fuel into the cylinders for go-fast power can be insulting. Unsurprisingly, evidence has emerged that the 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 will come with the Gas Guzzler Tax, meaning buyers will have to pony up even more cash up front to get theirs.

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Likely, most people who are buying a six-figure sports car will be able to float the $2,600 to $3,000 in taxes. That lower amount supposedly will be for C8 Z06 cars lacking the Carbon Aero package, while those who opt for Carbon Aero will have to pay the higher tax.

This is all according to a post from One of the founders posted a photo taken of a screen showing the pricing breakdown for the C8Z, and it looks pretty legit. Still, the Gas Guzzler Tax hasn’t been officially announced by Chevrolet, so don’t start thinking this is official.


Established by Congress in 1978, the Gas Guzzler Tax is supposed to discourage not only the making but also the purchasing of inefficient vehicles. People can argue all day long about whether or not it still does that, because plenty of enthusiasts begrudgingly shell out for it to get a more exciting ride. Some have pointed out they pay more in fuel taxes because their vehicle consumes more gas, so they’re really being taxed twice over. Of course, that’s also the case when you pay income tax and a consumer tax on top of that.

If anything, the Gas Guzzler Tax make performance cars like the new Z06 Corvette even bigger status symbols in certain circles. We seriously doubt GM will have trouble selling any.

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