Cadillac Escalade IQ Confirmed as the EV Version of the Deluxe SUV

2024 cadillac escalade iq rendering
Escalade IQ Will Be the EV Version of Caddy's SUVAustin Irwin - Car and Driver

UPDATE 6/20/23: This story has been updated with details about the official debut of the new electric Cadillac Escalade IQ, which will take place on August 9. The company has also revealed another teaser photo, this time of the EV SUV's front end.

Cadillac's biggest SUV—and biggest moneymaker—is getting the electric treatment, and the company has now confirmed what it will be called. The Escalade IQ will be the first EV version of the luxury brand's grandest SUV, and it will be officially introduced on August 9.


Along with confirming the name, which had been rumored since GM trademarked the name Escalade IQ and Escalade IQL back in 2021, Cadillac released a teaser image that shows a close-up of the electric model's badge. The company today has also released a second teaser image, this time of the new EV Escalade's front end, which is shrouded in darkness but provides a glimpse of its lighting signature.

cadillac escalade iq front teaser

Other than that, we're still waiting on more details about it, including an official reveal date. The rendering at the top of this story at least provides an idea of what the Escalade EV might look like.

cadillac escalade iq badge tease

Earlier this year, Cadillac Vice President Rory Harvey confirmed that three new electric models will debut in 2023, and it's expected the Escalade IQ will be one of them. That also suggests it will be a 2024 model, since a Cadillac spokesperson previously confirmed to Car and Driver that all three new EVs would arrive for the same model year.

Despite the current lack of information, there's no doubt the 2024 Cadillac Escalade IQ will use GM's Ultium battery technology. If it's anything like the GMC Hummer EV SUV, the Caddy could have a roughly 177-kWh battery capacity and three electric motors making 830 horsepower or more. Of course, it will also almost surely weigh over four tons.

Cadillac is expected to reveal the Escalade IQ sometime later this year. Stay tuned.

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