Cadillac Opulent Velocity Hints at Upcoming Performance EVs

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Cadillac Opulent Velocity Hints at V-Series EVsCadillac

It’s been 20 years since the Cadillac CTS-V.R made its racing debut in the SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge GT series at Sebring. With this year’s 12-hour race just around the corner, Cadillac on Wednesday dropped some teasers for its latest concept vehicle known as Opulent Velocity, which promises to continue the V-Series legacy first established by that 2004 race winner.

Cadillac hasn’t shared much information about the upcoming concept yet, but it's said the concept is “designed to foreshadow a zero emissions expression of performance and modern luxury leadership.” The name itself is meant to highlight the brand’s ambitions to further pursue the existing reverence for Cadillac as a luxury brand, while combining it with the more sporting character the cars are known for today.

We likely won’t get many more details from Cadillac before the automaker pulls the cover off of the concept later this year. That said, there are some things that we can assume based on the brand’s overall goals and the teaser. The concept itself is of course a fully electric vehicle, as Cadillac intends to become the first brand at General Motors to fully transition to a BEV lineup. You can expect the Ultium Platform to underpin the project, most likely utilizing the single-layer battery pack found in the range-topping Celestiq.

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While it goes by rather quickly in the teaser, it appears that Opulent Velocity is a large sedan, which tracks with the V-Series intentions. Whether or not this is an early teaser for the CT5-V Blackwing replacement will have to be seen. Also, Cadillac just refreshed the entire CT5 lineup for the 2025 model year, so don’t expect it to go away quite yet.


The concept seems to push some new styling choices for Cadillac too, including a rather noticeable beak that holds the brand’s crest. Cadillac is famous for walking back its exquisite concept designs, so be sure to take even the full concept with a little grain of salt until a production car is announced.

Teaser hype aside, Cadillac will spend the rest of the weekend trying to defend last year’s Sebring win by the No. 31 Whelen Cadillac team. Hopefully some learnings from the hybrid racer will translate to whatever electric V-Series model Cadillac has in the works.

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