Cadillac Patents More Q Names

Jake Lingeman
·2 min read
Photo credit: Cadillac
Photo credit: Cadillac

From Autoweek

Cadillac went from cool names like Eldorado, Coupe DeVille and Fleetwood, to letter names like CTS and ATS. Later it went to alphanumerics like CT6 and XT4. Now we know the company is finally going back to names. Earlier this year we saw two concepts named Celestiq and Lyriq, and today we get word that Cadillac, both in Switzerland and the U.S. has patented the names Symboliq and Optiq.

We know that the Lyriq will be a semi- or fully electric sport-utility about the size of the XT5 and we’ll get a full look at it on August 6. We also know that Cadillac’s new flagship will be called the Celestiq and in concept form, at least, it was a big ‘ol station wagon. We weren’t allowed to take pictures at the event, or you would know exactly what it looks like. But check out my description of the two vehicles here.

Now, we still need new names for the smaller EV about the size of an XT4 and a bigger, three-row inspired by the XT6, those could be Symboliq and Optiq. We’ve also heard the Escalade will get a semi-electric partner. Might we suggest Monolithiq. Or Gigantiq. Or Megalomaniaq. (Feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments section below; we’d love to hear them — and who knows, Cadillac might be listening.)

We’ve emailed Cadillac for confirmation, but usually in these situations brands say that they trademark names for all sorts of reasons and not to read too much into it.

The applications also don’t reveal which models these names will go on, just “motorized vehicles.” We do know that GM is planning to introduce 20 EV models by 2023, and we’ve only seen a few so far. We’ll start with the Lyriq reveal this week.