Cadillac Teases Opulent Velocity Concept as Future Performance EV

cadillac opulent velocity teaser
Cadillac Teases Electric V-Series Concept CarCadillac
  • Cadillac is teasing a new concept car called Opulent Velocity.

  • The concept appears to be an electric sports sedan and previews the future of the brand's performance-oriented V-series.

  • The Opulent Velocity concept will debut later this year.

We're big fans of Cadillac's V-series vehicles, particularly the 668-hp CT5-V Blackwing and 472-hp CT4-V Blackwing. Both sports sedans have earned spots on our annual 10Best Cars list and turned in impressive times at our annual Lightning Lap track event. However, Cadillac has openly admitted that these will be its last gas-burning V-branded models. That leaves the future of the company's performance lineup up in the air. Thankfully, the Cadillac Opulent Velocity concept, teased today for the first time, will provide a sense of direction for a sporty electric Cadillac.

Cadillac is keeping its cards close to its chest, providing little information about the concept and supplying a video that shows only quick, blurry glimpses of the vehicle. Cadillac says the car will "celebrate the past, present and future" of the V-series line and that the name is a reference to "the duality of the Cadillac brand." In brief flashes, the video appears to show a vehicle with a pointy, angular design. Although the company didn't outright call it an EV, it is referred to as a "zero emissions" vehicle.


Cadillac says that more information will come later this year. Until then, we're left grasping at straws. If we had to make a guess, we'd wager that this could be an electric performance sedan that will share some styling cues with the gargantuan Celestiq flagship. Regardless of the form it takes, we look forward to seeing whether Cadillac can capture the same magic from its gas-powered Blackwings in electric V-series form.

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