Cadillac's Opulent Velocity Performance Concept Makes Some Weird Sounds

Cadillac's Opulent Velocity Performance Concept Makes Some Weird Sounds photo
Cadillac's Opulent Velocity Performance Concept Makes Some Weird Sounds photo

Earlier this year, Cadillac confirmed that it would show an electric V-Series model sometime in 2024, adding that it would offer performance vehicles "no matter the propulsion." That concept was kind of revealed today—though more like teased—in a video that leaves us wanting to know more about the high-performance EV and the sounds it makes.

Dubbed Opulent Velocity, the new concept celebrates the past, present and future of the brand, while its name establishes a new mission for Cadillac where luxury and performance (opulence and velocity) are "revered."


As far as teasers go, this is one of the more active ones. Usually, automakers whet appetites with photos of silhouettes, or close-ups on details that are so extreme, it makes it impossible to determine what you're looking at. Cadillac's sci-fi-ish teaser shows the Opulent Velocity concept speeding by in what appears to be some sort of desert, or maybe the set of Dune.

Pausing the video along the way reveals a bit more about the concept, though the images are still purposely blurry and out of focus. The most noticeable quality is that the vehicle rides pretty low to the ground and its design is somewhat reminiscent of previous Cadillac supercar concepts, like the awesome Cien. Once the car passes the camera and we get a glimpse of the rear, the concept once again looks fairly wide and quite sporty.

And speaking of sportiness, some interesting sounds are coming out of the Opulent Velocity. Close your eyes and watch the video without knowing that it's an EV, and you might even be fooled into thinking there's a gas engine involved. Pay closer attention to the sound and you hear a bit more of an electric whirr, but it's still very hard to tell exactly what kind of noise Cadillac is going for here.

No other details were revealed about the Opulent Velocity, though Cadillac global design executive director Bryan Nesbitt added that the brand "will share more later this year, so stay tuned."

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