California makes digital license plates legal for everyone

California makes digital license plates legal for everyone

California was the first state to begin a pilot program for digital license plates, but now it’s coming out of the pilot program and going statewide for anybody who wants one. Thanks to a recent bill (AB-984) that just passed, it will now be legal for everyone in the state of California to run a digital license plate.

Your options for purchasing a digital plate are limited to just one company: Reviver. As of today, Reviver says that approximately 10,000 California cars are running around with its plates as part of the pilot program. That number will undoubtedly increase as word gets around about the new law passing that allows anybody to purchase them.

In case you haven’t seen or heard of digital plates from Reviver before, know that they use a monochromatic HD display that can be swapped between light or dark modes (black or white background). They’re battery-powered — Reviver claims a five-year battery life — but if you’re a commercial customer, Reviver offers a hardwired solution that uses power from the vehicle’s 12-volt battery.

Why would you want one? The biggest reason is most likely aesthetics. Perhaps you like the monochromatic look for your car more than any of the other available plate options. You’re also able to write a personalized message that shows up on the lower portion of the plate. “Renewal” can be set up to happen automatically, so your digital display represents the year and month that your registration is good for — no sticker necessary. Reviver says its plates will operate in temperatures between minus-40 degrees and 176 degrees Fahrenheit.