Californians Surf Flooded Streets

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Californians Surf Flooded Streets
Californians Surf Flooded Streets

After severe weather conditions battered Southern California, some Ventura residents have taken to the flooded streets for a spot of surfing. This new sport came about on February 4, 2024, as an atmospheric river unleashed heavy rainfall across the region, transforming roads into impromptu waterways. Not to be deterred by the deluge, a few adventurous souls were spotted surfing the urban swell, towed along by a pickup truck navigating the waterlogged streets of Ventura.

Man killed while working on pickup at truck stop.

The heavy rains have left many roads in Ventura submerged, but for these individuals, the flooded streets provided the perfect conditions for a memorable surfing experience.

Meanwhile, in Downtown Los Angeles, the impact of the atmospheric river has been felt acutely, with the city experiencing a significant proportion of its annual rainfall in just the opening weeks of the year. Records indicate that, since the start of January, Los Angeles has received 10.72 inches of rain, amounting to approximately 75% of its average yearly rainfall. This figure is even more remarkable considering the average annual rainfall for Downtown Los Angeles stands at 14.25 inches.


These powerful weather systems are known for their ability to deliver substantial amounts of rain and snow, contributing to both beneficial water supply and challenging flood risks.

As Southern California continues to navigate the effects of this atmospheric river, the street surfing in Ventura serve as a reminder that rednecks live everywhere, and make the best lemonade.