Camaro Found In Lake Was From Dealership

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It was underwater for some time…

There’s something undeniably compelling about news of a vehicle being found underwater. We think this is for multiple reasons, among them the mystery of such a discovery and the absolute horror of seeing what sitting in a body of water for years on end will do to a car. This 1984 Chevy Camaro pulled out of a lake in Tennessee certainly didn’t fare well at all.

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Pulled from the water back on April 25, it had been sitting in the lake since probably sometime in the 90s. Originally, it was a fisherman who discovered it, as is the case so often these days, thanks to all the technology that even a few years ago wasn’t readily available.


After the Camaro was out of its watery grave, police were able to get the VIN and run it, confirming its year, make, and model as well as its history. The Chevy was reported stolen form Scott’s Auto in Henry County back in 1991. Dealership thefts were happen even way back then.

Exactly who stole the Camaro, what they did with it before driving it into the lake, and how long it sat underwater are still mysteries. Police didn’t find a body or any evidence in the car, which was riddled with rust. With the investigation closed, everyone is left to speculate about the backstory for this discovery.

If you think this Camaro looked bad right after it was pulled from the water, you should see it now. When cars spend time submerged like this, they actually rust up like crazy after they dry out. In other words, this thing wouldn’t even be worth using for scrap parts. That’s why buying a flood vehicle is just a bad idea.

Image via Henry County Sheriff’s Office

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