Camaro Set On Fire During Street Takeover

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Camaro Set On Fire During Street Takeover
Camaro Set On Fire During Street Takeover

The tide seems to be turning in some communities which before were somewhat neutral on street takeovers. We think one element which is waking people up is the senseless destruction of cars, like this takeover crowd burning a Camaro just for the fun of it.

Sheriff goes scorched earth on street takeover clowns.

What’s weird is takeover “enthusiasts” or whatever you want to call them were always into destroying cars and property in general. That’s why they’ve been charged with vandalism in cities where leaders actually care.

Quite a few of the cars used in takeovers are stolen, a fact we’ve warned about repeatedly. That’s why they don’t care about torching expensive muscle cars and sports cars because they need to dispose of the evidence anyway. Besides, it’s all insured so it’s a victimless crime, right?


The latest example appears to be out of somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we can’t confirm that. It starts off with some fool on top of an idling white Camaro which is producing consistently flames out of all four exhaust tips. That’s not normal.

Someone decides to play Joker and pour a bunch of gasoline on the back of the car, which immediately ignites and almost burns the guy who was on the muscle car. So we’re dealing with people who don’t care about expensive cars or people’s lives.

The whole time the Camaro gets consumed by flames the crowd dances, whoops, and hollers. Destroying stuff is fun if you don’t feel a shred of community responsibility. And this is why we loathe street takeovers. Why cities put up with this destructive nonsense is suspect.

There’s another video of some girls twerking on the car. We’re not sharing that, even though some sites thought that was in good taste.

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