Camaro Vivid Orange Edition Debuts

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But don’t go to your local dealer for one…

If you think living in North America gives you access to all the coolest American muscle cars, you might not realize GM has been feeding Japan with quite a few interesting special edition Camaros. The latest added to that lineup is the Chevy Camaro Vivid Orange Edition. Based on the SS and featuring a 10-speed automatic, it’s an interesting creature.

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What you see in the official GM images is a Vivid Orange Metallic paint with a Silver center stripe to add that extra flair. Not everyone will think this combo looks good, but there are plenty of people in North America wishing this could be a possibility here.

Also included is a Jet Black interior with Recaro Performance front bucket seats. You get all that over a little over $66,000. Just remember you can score a Camaro 1SS here in the States for just over $45,000 so there is a definite advantage living where these muscle cars are more common.

However, Japanese enthusiasts get courted with an awful lot of special edition Camaros, a fact many enthusiasts have watched enviously for some time. The previous one was a Rapid Blue Edition launched last September. Like the Vivid Orange Edition, it featured different colors: Rapid Blue paint, black Rally Stripes, and a Ceramic White interior.

Both the Vivid Orange Edition and Rapid Blue Edition Camaros have been limited to a mere 20 units in Japan. That’s quite exclusive, but keep in mind the market for American muscle cars there is far different than here. Perhaps that’s why GM is willing to throw them these interesting color combinations as special editions?

No doubt one day a well-heeled American enthusiast is going to import one or more of these JDM special edition Camaros. And at that point they’re going to be worth far more, too.

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