Canadians Facing Vehicle Theft Insurance Surcharges

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Sure, car theft is a “victimless crime” or something…

It wasn’t that long ago many thought life in Canada wasn’t that different from the United States, other than what our neighbors to the north put on their fries. And while overall it might still be somewhat similar, we’re noticing some key differences to how the issue of exploding car theft in the country is being handled, not that we here in the US are dealing with it any better.

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The latest issue that’s being discussed is an insurance surcharge charged to consumers who have a vehicle that’s especially appealing to thieves. This was called to our attention by a recent Driving article and so we wanted to spread the word.


Apparently, insurance carriers in Canada are free to ether levy this surcharge against its customers or not, so when shopping for coverage we think this is a good aspect to explore. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not getting anything for the charge, which seems to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $500.

Some insurance carriers are using the surcharge to outfit at-risk vehicles with GPS tracking systems to aid in recovery after they’re swiped. Honestly, that’s something we would invest in ourselves, especially if you have a ride that thieves seem to just love. Yes, we’re talking about Mopars, Kias, Hyundais, Range Rovers, and a few others.

The good thing about these tracking systems is they’re wired into your car and supposedly can’t be disabled. However, we know some thieves use GPS blockers to get around this problem. Car theft is like any conflict with a never-ending arms race.

We wouldn’t be surprised if insurance companies start pushing to install tracking devices in certain vehicles here in the US. What state you live in will dictate how that’s regulated.

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