Captain Lee's Favorite Below Deck Memory Is Too Sweet for Words

Commemorating Below Deck's 10th anniversary and the 10 years Captain Lee Rosbach has spent yachting on the show, the Stud of the Sea reflected on the past and looked to the future during Monday, March 27's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen special, "Ce-LEE-brate Good Times!"

Going back to the start, Captain Lee explained just how much Below Deck has "changed the face" of the yachting industry. "We were struggling to find people to get into the industry, because people in Iowa had no clue that [there are] jobs on yachts," he said. "They had no clue that these jobs existed and that they could get great paying jobs if they came out of college or whatever, they could get a good job, they could go see the world, [and] they could have a hell of a lot of fun."

Below Deck does a particularly good job when it comes to showing the "fun" parts of yachting, but when Captain Lee was asked what his favorite memory is from the show, his answer had nothing to do with parties, entertaining charter guests, or anything of that sort. Instead, "It was when I got to see my bride walking down the dock," he said of his wife of more than 45 years, Mary Anne (who was also in attendance of the WWHL special, as she sat in the audience next to several other familiar faces!).

Screen grab of Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck
Screen grab of Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck

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As Below Deck fans may recall, Mary Anne paid a visit to her husband back on Season 5. Captain Lee said at the time, "To have Mary Anne come out and give me just a little bit of a respite from the grind, is really a pleasure."


What's sure to be a pleasure for Below Deck fans, on the other hand, is Captain Lee's upcoming one-man show, "Night Cap." The event is set to feature "storytelling, cocktails, and more."

"It's not gonna be anything like they're gonna expect walking in," Captain Lee teased on WWHL. "It's gonna be totally different. It's gonna be a lot of things."

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Most of all, "Night Cap" will show "a different side of me," he added.

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