Captain Tom's daughters pay tribute

Moore died on February 2 after contracting COVID-19.

In the run up to his 100th birthday last year, he had been challenged to walk 100 laps of his garden to raise a modest 1,000 pounds.

By the time he finished, on April 16, he was being willed on by millions in Britain and beyond, and the total raised was heading towards 39 million pounds ($54 million).

Video Transcript

HANNAH INGRAM-MOORE: Who would have thought our little family gesture would become what it did, the first humble goal of a hundred pounds that quickly became a thousand? Believing that would be tough enough, we just couldn't believe it, could we, when it reached 38.9 million pounds.

We are so proud of the way you handled everything that happened. As your hearing loss made interviews a little tricky, I willingly became your ears. As we sat shoulder-to-shoulder, we had so many moments of utter joy and laughter as we prepared for each and every interview. Colin, Benji, and Georgia watching with amazement as they saw you on every TV channel and on the front page of almost every paper.

You are not a man in the habit of expressing your inner feelings. But this time together evoked an honesty between us that felt as magical as you becoming a beacon of light and hope to the world. We are also proud of everything you have achieved and promise to keep your legacy alive. Thank you for all the special times we've shared. Our relationship cannot be broken by death. You will be with me always.

LUCY TEIXEIRA: Daddy, I am so proud of you, what you achieved your whole life and especially in the last year. You may be gone, but your message and your spirit lives on.