Car For Coin Features 950 Horsepower Porsche 997 Twin-Turbo

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Porsche has been a leading brand within the German performance car market for its incredible dedication to the pursuit of speed. The prancing pony of Germany is, without a doubt, one of the last brands to ever focus on the experience of driving. For this reason, when most people think of a manual transmission European sports car, they picture the 911. So the owners of this extraordinary Porsche have decided to give one lucky buyer the opportunity of their automotive lifetime. Here's a car that could be considered one of the fastest Porsche 911s to see asphalt.

Initially, this car was powered by a 3.6-liter flat-four engine equipped with a turbocharger from the factory to produce, according to the listing, around 750 wheel horsepower. While we can't exactly verify the original power specs of the exact factory engine, we do know about the current powerhouse. Sitting behind the rear axle of this lightweight beast is a built 3.8-liter which utilizes four different boost settings to put out 950 wheel horsepower on E85 fuel and over 800 on pump gas. This is undoubtedly impressive for such a light car and is even better when you consider that the builder reduced the weight by around 193 lbs via modification.

The best part of this entire vehicle has got to be the manual transmission which allows for an engaging and raw driving experience. Don't let the typically rear-wheel-drive nature of these vehicles fool you because that gearbox transfers power to all four wheels. Along with giving you better launching and control in rough conditions, this feature allows for a higher grip. This applies both to the road and track, so you can have a manual's control with the traction of all-wheel-drive. This vehicle would be perfect for any automotive enthusiast with a passion for speed and drive to get behind the wheel of one of the world's fastest Porsche 911s.

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