What Car Is Driven Exclusively By Idiots?

Photo: Infiniti
Photo: Infiniti

A few weeks ago we talked about cars that looked dumb, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their owners are dummies themselves. That got me thinking: What cars are only driven by idiots? What cars are driven by the sort of people who can only breathe with their mouths wide open and their knuckles dragging on the ground?

It’s a question that has kept me up at night since I came up with it yesterday, and now I want to know what you think. Whether that’s a wise idea or not is yet to be seen. I guess it depends on what you all say (if someone says BMW Z4 I will cry and then block you from ever commenting on this website again).

Anyway, to me a classic example of cars that idiots exclusively drive is the Infiniti G35 and G37 in coupe and sedan versions. Honestly, anything that came with a VQ engine in the early 2000s probably fits this list. They’re owned by the type of people who say they’re still looking into the science about Covid-19 and they cannot wait to vote for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


Other great examples of this type of car are the E90 BMW 3-Series and the (obvious) Tesla Cybertruck. Really, any other big electric pickup truck will fit into this category.

OK, I don’t want to take too many ideas away from you all, so why don’t you head down below and let us know what car is exclusively driven by idiots?

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