These Are the Car Events You're Excited for This Summer

Photo:  James Moy Photography (Getty Images)
Photo: James Moy Photography (Getty Images)

Summer is almost here and so are the car events. Either this summer is going to be too hot to watch fast cars go in circles, or readers are shy about the car events they’re excited for. What, y’all don’t do cars and coffee when it’s hot out?

If that’s the case, then the summer seems like the perfect time to make lemonade out of lemons and watch the 24 Hours of Lemons, which has a number of races scheduled soon.

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I admit coffee seems like an odd choice in the summer, but there’s always Jo’s Iced Turbo in Austin, where the high heat can turn the most dedicated car lover into a lethargic shut-in. I feel your pain. The A/C in my daily is on the fritz just in time for the summer heat wave, while my windows don’t reliably come back up without falling out of their guide rails. Typical BWM E36.


Oh, well! The summer will not wait, and neither will the cars. We asked readers what car events they are excited for this summer and these were their answers:

24 Hours of Le Mans

Photo:  James Moy Photography (Getty Images)
Photo: James Moy Photography (Getty Images)

I love the tradition of watching some Le Mans, going to bed and waking up any random hour to keep watching it, go to sleep, wake up, watch, and so on. The night time in-car camera shots going down the straights, the dawn shots just before the sun rises.

Submitted by: Capt. Janeway’s Imaginary Cat


Le Mans

Submitted by: Zack Schuster (via Facebook)

Dodge Power Brokers NHRA U.S. Nationals

Photo:  NHRA
Photo: NHRA

Aug 30 - Sep 04



If you want to go to one NHRA event in your life, this is the one to see.

If you’ve never felt [seen] two top fuel dragsters make a run, you don’t appreciate what engine builders can get out of 500 cubic inches.

Submitted by: masterbuilder010

Monster Jam, NASCAR Truck and NASCAR Cup, for Starters

Photo:  Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald (Getty Images)
Photo: Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald (Getty Images)

Ho boy this is gonna be a great summer:

-Monster Jam at Browns Stadium

-Nascar Truck Series at Mid-Ohio

-Nascar Cup in Chicago

-volunteering at Southern Ohio Forest Rally

-competing in SCCA Endurance and ChampCar Endurance events (4 events registered)

-various AutoCross & RallyCross events

-I would like to attend F1 in either Austin or Vegas. But nothing planned or booked

Submitted by: i86hotdogs

The “Elegance Contest” and Pebble Beach

Photo:  Stefan Wermuth/Bloomberg (Getty Images)
Photo: Stefan Wermuth/Bloomberg (Getty Images)

Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este & Pebble Beach

Submitted by: stuttgartsyndrome

Holley LS Fest

Photo:  Holley Performance Products
Photo: Holley Performance Products

LS Fest #LSSwapEverything

Submitted by: horsesintheback

Gand Prix of Toronto

Photo:  Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire (Getty Images)
Photo: Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire (Getty Images)

I have tickets to the Toronto Indy. I’ve been going since 2010 and I can’t wait!

Submitted by: Andrew de Almeida (via Facebook)

Track Days and Circle Drags!

Photo:  Colorado National Speedway
Photo: Colorado National Speedway

Track days!

Submitted by: Earl Mckenzie (via Facebook)


Circle Drags at the local stock car track!!!

Submitted by: the_AUGHT

Indianapolis 500

Photo:  Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire (Getty Images)
Photo: Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire (Getty Images)

Indy 500 and Le Mans are the next on my list. Can’t wait.

Submitted by: Eric Sean Delaney (via Facebook)

Detroit Grand Prix, The Dream Cruise and the North American International Auto Show

Photo:  Jeff Kowalsky/AFP (Getty Images)
Photo: Jeff Kowalsky/AFP (Getty Images)

Detroit Grand Prix, Woodward Dream Cruise, and NAIAS 2023.

Submitted by: Rob @elrobrex (via Twitter)

Overtime at Six Hours at the Glen

Photo:  Brian Cleary (Getty Images)
Photo: Brian Cleary (Getty Images)

Imsa Sahlens 7 Hours at the Glen

Submitted by: ehorst @518Mafia (via Twitter)

Trans Am Memorial Day Classic

Photo:  Lime Rock Park
Photo: Lime Rock Park

Limerock Memorial Day GP

Submitted by: Mr. McCann @mrmccann (via Twitter)

The 24 Hours of Spa and Nürburgring 24 Hours

Photo:  Gerlach Delissen/Corbis (Getty Images)
Photo: Gerlach Delissen/Corbis (Getty Images)

Le Mans, Nurburgring and Spa 24 Hours

Submitted by: Antonio José Ramos @ajrf_S252 (via Twitter)

50th Anniversary BSAAC Endicott Car Show

Photo:  Bay State Antique Auto club
Photo: Bay State Antique Auto club

BSAAC Endicott Summer Show. Endicott Estate, Dedham Massachusetts Always the 2nd Sunday in July.

Submitted by: [M]arc [O]livier[...] @markie_red (via Twitter)

Sonsio Grand Prix at Road America

Photo:  Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire (Getty Images)
Photo: Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire (Getty Images)

IndyCar @roadamerica!!!

Submitted by: El Duderino @ElDuderino (via Twitter)

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