What Car Is The Most Woke?

Photo: Subaru
Photo: Subaru

If there’s one thing I know from reading the comments here— or worse, the Facebook comments on our page — it’s that cars are too woke now. These loony lefties have taken control of NASCAR, added electrification to Indy, and even postulated that something bad might happen to a vaccine-free ship unironically called the Titanic II. First they got a whole month, now they’re letting transgenders write about cars, for Christ’s sake!

Clearly, something has to change. These millennial leftists need to leave the car world to the normal people, but they’ll never do so of their own accord. No, we need to make them lose interest by getting rid of the cars they love, the woke cars lurking on the roads of our great nation. The only question is, where do we start? What’s the most woke car?

Subaru is, for obvious reasons, a strong contender for the title. This was the company that told women — lesbians at that — that it was okay for them to drive. Do you know what that did for their sense of subservience? They can vote now! The liberal media wants you to think those events happened in the other order, but that’s just another narrative they’re trying to push.


Subaru certainly isn’t the only woke automaker, though. You’ve got Rivian, which makes electric cars for REI types — clearly a communist plot — or even something like BYD, which has the gall to be a Chinese company. That’s woke too, being from a different country. Sure, we didn’t pick to be born in this one, but they should’ve picked to be born somewhere else. They saw what we did to TikTok.

Leave your picks for the most woke cars in the comments below, and later this week our brave American patriots will collect your best answers.

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