Car Thief Bails In The Middle Of Crashing

Car Thief Bails In The Middle Of Crashing
Car Thief Bails In The Middle Of Crashing

Is this guy a professional acrobat?

A car thief in Maynard, Massachusetts crashed a stolen Toyota Avalon at high speed into a parked Ford truck, but he exited the sedan midway through the collision in quite the acrobatic stunt. You can see it for yourself in the included video below.

Snake by woman’s car causes her to call police for help.

The theft and crash happened back on August 30 at about 3 am. Neighbors heard the collision and came out to find the wrecked car, truck, and a bunch of cops. However, the thieves had bailed, the driver as the Toyota was still spinning, and were gone.

We’ve seen plenty of car thieves with cops in pursuit wreck out and be out of the car so fast it makes your head spin. Some think this guy just fell out of the Avalon but we’re not sure this wasn’t a calculated move.


Just like a lot of areas, Maynard and the surrounding cities are dealing with plenty of car thefts. That same night several other vehicles were swiped and police think these suspects are part of a wider theft ring operating in the area west of Boston. That’s the least surprising thing about the whole situation.

Maynard’s police chief is frustrated by the problem of rampant car theft in the area. He admits the thieves are organized, seem to know what they’re after, and show up in other stolen vehicles. We’ve seen similar behavior all over since most car thieves are part of organized crime rings that are often international.

Interestingly, WBZ points out in its report that police in Maynard have a no-chase policy. We’ve heard over and over how those save lives by not encouraging criminals to drive like maniacs to get away, but we keep seeing situations like this where criminals drive fast probably because they know the police won’t chase them. Also, many kids steal cars just to go joyriding, which means they’re going to go fast whether the police pursue or not.

That no-chase policy didn’t prevent this crash, which thankfully didn’t injure any innocent bystanders because it was in the middle of the night. It’s something to think about.