Car Thief Leaves Kitty Behind

Car Thief Leaves Kitty Behind
Car Thief Leaves Kitty Behind

Plenty of people offered to adopt this little furball.

Of all the stolen car stories we’ve covered, never before have we seen one where a pet was left behind by a thief. Yet that’s exactly what happened in Meriden, Connecticut on August 10 after some juveniles in a stolen car collided with a police cruiser and were arrested. One of the teens left a kitten under a seat, saying nothing to officers, leaving them to make the shocking discovery while processing the vehicle.

Someone found a much larger cat in their car’s grille not too long ago.

People are understandably upset about this story. After all, the kitten might not have been discovered for days had police not been entirely thorough with searching the car. Thankfully they checked well under both seats, finding the little feline and rescuing it from slow starvation.


We have no idea what the teen was or wasn’t thinking in saying nothing to police, who admitted to having zero insight as well. What’s even more troubling is that the family of the juvenile who’s now in custody also said nothing. We find it hard to believe they didn’t know the teen had the kitten, but admittedly we don’t have many details.

Many people reached out to offer their home to the abandoned kitten. This obviously tugged plenty of heartstrings.

Eventually, police realized to which juvenile the kitten belongs and turned it over to the mother. Legally, it is still the parent’s property, but some people on Facebook have a real problem with how the law works. Perhaps this a lawful but awful situation? Or were people just wanting a free cat? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Police were chasing the stolen car after they believed it had been used as the getaway vehicle in a string of robberies in the area, per an Associated Press report. While it’s shocking the kitten was left behind, it should be more shocking that teenagers are doing such things and nobody seems all that upset.

After the crash, police chased down the six suspects who were riding in the stolen vehicle, catching them all. We think it’s a strong possibility the car was a Kia or Hyundai and had only five seats, but when you’re robbing people at gunpoint, wearing a seatbelt is apparently unnecessary. Considering the horrific crashes we’ve seen with people who weren’t strapped in, we think this kind of youthful reasoning is fundamentally flawed and indicative of why they’re out taking other people’s property.

Image via Meriden Police Department