Car Thieves Claim To Have Learned The Trade Through YouTube Videos

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Car Thieves Claim To Have Learned The Trade Through YouTube Videos
Car Thieves Claim To Have Learned The Trade Through YouTube Videos

Four car thieves caught in India claim they learned how to boost rides by watching YouTube videos. That’s right, you can apparently learn how to steal vehicles and get quite good at it just by trolling for the topic on the video hosting site, or so we’re led to believe.

This is the first police chase recorded on dashcam.

Before this, the only case we’d heard about someone learning to steal a car via social media was the Kia Boyz teaching others how to use a USB charging cable to start certain Kia and Hyundais. While those tutorials were most famously shared on TikTok, we have run across some on pretty much every other major social media site.


But these four men, who according to the report from NDTV stole over 500 cars using their YouTube knowledge, surely weren’t going after just Kias and Hyundais lacking an engine immobilizer. And yet the report makes a point to mention they are essentially illiterate, although they must’ve known enough to type out their queries for how to steal cars.

And we have to admit, if they in fact aren’t lying and did learn the car theft trade through YouTube, getting around their inability to read good and do other stuff good too, that’s actually pretty clever. We just wish they had applied that kind of ingenuity to something legitimate.

Their ambitious venture didn’t go without interruptions. The men served time in jail. They had to buy high-end devices to unlock and start more expensive vehicles. Thieving isn’t all glamor and no work.

Ultimately, the desire to live a better life without gaining more education or starting a legal business led to the glorious downfall of these four. We’re not saying they’re the Indian Walter White gang by any means, but it does sound like people in the New Delhi area will be sleeping easier, knowing these guys aren’t out looking to take their ride.

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