Car Wash Rotor Smashing Through A Windshield Is My New Nightmare

Nasty way to go. - Photo: JOKER / Petra Steuer/ullstein bild (Getty Images)
Nasty way to go. - Photo: JOKER / Petra Steuer/ullstein bild (Getty Images)

What kind of nightmares do you have about driving? Ones where you’re stopped at every red light when you’re in a rush, or ones where you crash off a cliff in a fiery blaze? What about ones featuring a loose car wash brush that smashes through your windshield while your car is being cleaned? Well that’s exactly what’s going to haunt my nightmares after it reportedly happened to a woman in Rhode Island last week.

The woman was passing through an automatic car wash in East Providence, RI, on Friday when one of the machine’s brushes came loose and smashed through the windshield of her car, reports local news station WJAR. The woman picked up minor injuries in the ordeal and was taken to hospital for checks. According to WJAR:

A woman was going through a car wash at the Shell Station on Pawtucket Avenue when a large spinning brush came through her windshield and continued to spin.

According to police, the woman sustained injuries to her hand. She was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.


Once the woman, who has not been named by authorities, was safely out the car washcrews set about trying to remove the stricken vehicle from the car wash.

We’ll file this ordeal away alongside crashes involving poles coming loose from trailers and Cybertruck wheel covers slicing through windshields. Those are the kinds of accidents “Final Destination” made us all terrified of, right?

So, if you weren’t already paranoid about the damage automatic car washes like this can do your car’s pristine paintwork, this could put you off them for good. Next time your car is in need of a clean, maybe just stick to a bucket of water and a sponge, less chance of ending up in the emergency room that way.

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