Car YouTuber Busted For Lamborghini Fireworks Stunt

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Car YouTuber Busted For Lamborghini Fireworks Stunt
Car YouTuber Busted For Lamborghini Fireworks Stunt

Like other YouTubers, the car YouTuber crowd is often known for pushing boundaries and doing stunts which might look like something out of a Hollywood film. After all, people love the spectacle and many YouTubers love delivering just that. But one of them went too far when he had some women in a helicopter shoot fireworks at his Lamborghini as he drove through the California desert.

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The YouTuber in question, Alex Choi, no doubt thought the stunt was all in good fun. But the government absolutely doesn’t have a sense of humor, so when the video that came out last summer went viral, prosecutors and regulators got busy building a case against the man.


On June 4, a federal criminal affidavit was filed in US District Court for the Central District of California, containing a list of serious charges. Among the violations named was that Choi failed to obtain approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for the filming of the footage and he didn’t get a permit to put fireworks on an aircraft from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Choi was arrested on June 4 but was released after posting a $50,000 bond.

Speaking with KTLA 5, Dominique Caamano, Assistant US Attorney, said Choi could be facing up to ten years in federal prison. That might seem heavy-handed to many and we’re not going to say it isn’t, but it’s clear prosecutors are trying to send a message about the severity of the crimes committed.

Reportedly, prosecutors are looking at possibly bringing charges against other people involved in the making of the notorious YouTube video. So beware the next time your buddy tries recruiting you to film a video you think might be legally sketchy.

We searched for Choi’s video of the Lamborghini, helicopter, and fireworks setup and it appears to have been yanked off YouTube. Whether it was him at the advice of his legal council or YouTube who took it down isn’t clear.

Image via KTLA 5/YouTube

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