Carlisle’s Fall Auction Has Two Bricklins For Sale-Which One Would You Choose?

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It's a tough choice to make!

Decisions, Decisions: Carlisle's Fall Auction Offers Two Rare Bricklins for Sale—Which One is Your Dream Buy? Carlisle's eagerly awaited Fall Auction is offering more than just classic muscle and vintage beauties; it's a playground for fans of obscure automotive history. This year, the auction features not one, but two Bricklins—those enigmatic 'safety sports cars' from the '70s. Each model comes with its own fascinating backstory and unique features, begging the question: If you had to choose, which Bricklin would you drive home?


1975 Bricklin SV1

Step Back in Time with the 1975 Bricklin SV1: A Vision of the Future, Frozen in the '70s. Touted as the original 'safety sports car,' the 1975 Bricklin SV1 is a testament to automotive ambition. With its iconic gull-wing doors and an early focus on driver safety, this rare find captures a unique moment in automotive history. Unearth the allure of a vehicle that dared to be different—yet never quite made it into the mainstream. Whether you're a collector or a curious enthusiast, the '75 Bricklin SV1 promises to be a fascinating conversation starter for years to come. See it here.

1975 Bricklin SV1 Coupe

Discover the 1975 Bricklin SV1 Coupe: A Low-Mileage Gem from the Past. This extraordinary vehicle showcases gull-wing doors and a groundbreaking emphasis on safety, all while barely tipping the odometer. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of automotive history that's as fresh as it was nearly half a century ago. With miles as low as its profile, this Bricklin SV1 Coupe invites you to step into a time capsule of 1970s innovation. See it here.

If you like this consignment, you’ll love the 400+ more that are planned for the upcoming Fall Carlisle Collector Car Auction. The Fall Auction is September 28-29 starting at 12 p.m. daily at the Carlisle Expo Center. From white-glove, best-of-show caliber rides, to show-worthy daily drivers, the two-day auction offers a little something for everyone. Carlisle Auctions brings you a rare/unique 1955 Corvette, a fully equipped 1970 Corvette with LS5 engine, and even an all-truck hour too.‌

Find your first or next classic with America’s Automotive Hometown auction house and bid and buy with total confidence. Carlisle Auctions offers THREE great ways to bid; in person, on the phone, or online as well as reciprocating admission to the neighboring Fall Carlisle Collector Car Flea Market and Car Corral event (September 27-October 1). Learn more about the auction by calling 717-960-6400 or online at . While online, check out photos of confirmed consignments, consign to sell or register to bid. These are investments that truly accelerate, so don’t miss out.

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