Cars most likely to be involved in accidents

Cars most likely to be involved in accidents

Data from Insurify shows which models have the most accident-prone drivers behind the wheel. It also shows the proportion of the drivers of said vehicles with an at-fault accident on record in the past seven years, based on Insurify’s analysis of over 4 million car insurance applications. For reference, the national average is 10.78%, and each of these vehicles’ drivers represent a statistically significant increase over that.

Now, it would be easy to infer that these cars are dangerous, but such is not necessarily the case. Remember, drivers cause accidents, not cars. These just happen to be the cars that accident-prone drivers drive. You’ll notice that many are mainstream, affordable cars, often with decent crash ratings.

Also keep in mind that vehicle accidents are up since the beginning of the pandemic, so no matter what you drive, please drive safely.

10. Hyundai Ioniq

This affordable, electrified vehicle platform sneaks into this list with 14.45% of drivers with a recent at-fault accident on record.

9. Lexus CT

Another hybrid, this Prius-powered Lexus beats the national average at 14.57%.

2015 Lexus CT 200h silver
2015 Lexus CT 200h silver

8. Toyota Prius V

Yet another hybrid, the larger but discontinued member of the Prius family sees 14.72% of its drivers with recent accidents.

7. Mazda CX-3

The Mazda CX-3, which is discontinued for the 2022 model year, sees the accident-prone making up 14.9% of its drivers.

6. Infiniti Q60

The second and final luxury car on this list has more accident-prone drivers than average, at 14.93%.