The Cars Of The X-Files Movie

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The Cars Of The X-Files Movie
The Cars Of The X-Files Movie

Since it’s Halloween and you might be wanting to watch something scary, we thought now’s the perfect time to point out some of the now-classic mostly American rides in 1998’s The X-Files movie. Before you wrinkle your nose at the term “classic” keep in mind a fair number of readers might not have even been born when this movie was released.

Learn where the most famous movie and TV cars are now.

While it’s a great film involving a conspiracy to usher in an alien occupation of Earth, complete with bees and a huge spaceship, one of the most interesting yet often overlooked elements are all the great cars.

The Chevy Caprice gets a fair amount of screen time in this film, thanks to it being featured not only in police car form but also as a taxi. While the Caprice has that bubbly styling which started to really catch on in the 90s, although not as much as some models like the Neon, it was surprisingly powerful and quick for the era.

You can’t mention the Caprice without also including the Ford Crown Victoria, of which there are also many in the film. You can see numerous Crown Vic police cars as well as civilian vehicles in the movie. It’s appropriate considering how common these stalwarts used to be back in the day.

One of the shining stars that doesn’t get much screen time is a red 1984 Chevy Camaro. Fundamentally cool cars back in the day, some didn’t appreciate third-gen Camaros much and there are still some detractors. But lately they’ve been gaining more attention, perhaps as younger enthusiasts are getting involved in the hobby.

What would a 90s-era film be without at least one Ford Explorer? Used by law enforcement in the desert scenes, the popular off-roaders of the time were simultaneously wildly popular and controversial.

Not too favorably remembered by many now, at one point Mulder and Scully ride along in an Oldsmobile Intrigue. It shows off the bubblier, friendlier nature of American cars as they evolved throughout the 90s.

A Lincoln Town Caar is also prominently featured in the film as the transport for one of the members of the shadow government conspiring with the alien colonists. It’s an appropriate ride for someone wanting luxury without drawing too much attention. A car bomb takes out the character and his ride in most glorious fashion.

In a shot of London, we see a nice 1990 Bentley Turbo R, showing what British luxury cars were like back in the 90s. Nobody would suspect explosive performance from something with such a dour presentation, making it a true wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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