Carvana Sells Stolen C7 Corvette

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Carvana Sells Stolen C7 Corvette
Carvana Sells Stolen C7 Corvette

For some reason, car dealers and Carvana in particular keep selling stolen cars to unsuspecting customers. It’s happened yet again, this time to a man in Svannah, Georgia who had his red C7 Corvette taken away by police.

A Florida car dealer has apologized to angry customers.

The guy took to TikTok to tell his story and warn others, his video going viral and getting picked up by different news outlets. Quite a few people still don’t know this happens and that they’re taking a risk when buying a used vehicle from certainly dealers.

At least in this case the car was taken just hours after the transaction was completed with Carvana. The guy wasn’t making payments for months and months on end, something that’s happened to others and probably will happen again.

Still, to have police show up and load your new sports car onto a wrecker has to be difficult to watch. With all the social media attention on the case, Carvana is trying to save face by offering to help the victim in this case find a new Corvette quickly. Had his TikTok not gone viral, we wonder what response he would’ve received.