Cat Caught By TSA After Sneaking Into Luggage Had a Happy Thanksgiving

Image:  TSA
Image: TSA

Here at Jalopnik, we bring you only the hardest hitting news in automotive and transportation culture. And when there is a cat involved, well, it’s all hands on deck, stop the presses. We brought you the tale of a cute little feline stowaway last week, caught hiding in a checked bag by Transportation Security Agents at JFK Airport on November 16. Here’s the nail-biting update you’ve all been waiting for: The cat’s name is Smells, and he had an excellent Thanksgiving at home in Brooklyn with his people.

Smells belongs to someone else at the home of the unnamed passenger, who told agents he had no idea the pet had snuck into his luggage. The X-Ray machine caught the little guy before he could experience a potentially disastrous trip in a plane’s cargo hold. The images from the scanner and Smells eventual rescue are pretty hilarious:

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The passenger was already at his gate for his flight to Orlando when TSA agents contacted Delta to inform him he’d have to come pick up his furry roommate. The traveler was able to switch to a flight the next day.

Smells is an amazing name for a cat, especially an orange tabby which, as everyone knows, is the most chaotic kind of cat. I mean, look at that glass of wine! And you know that’s not his first of the evening. Smells is about to get lit. You earned it buddy. When your best laid plans to see a Mouse are thwarted by men, you might as well down a whole goblet of wine on Thanksgiving. I’m sure it’s a vintage that pairs well with planning the next great escape.

Keep in mind, of course, that going through a baggage X-Ray is not good for your pet’s health. Neither is feeding them people food. People wine is right out. But Smells cares not for self preservation or “rules.” Smells is his own drunken, criminally minded cat.

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