Catalytic Converter Thief Trapped By Forklift

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Catalytic Converter Thief Trapped By Forklift
Catalytic Converter Thief Trapped By Forklift

Nobody likes a catalytic converter thief. We’ve heard even their mothers disown them. If you’ve ever fallen victim to these lovely individuals, well you know firsthand why they’re so loathed. That’s why we think it’s completely appropriate a scrapyard in Akron, Ohio who had a problem with one trespassing to steal from them finally caught him by raising the car he was hiding inside with a forklift, then called police.

See the horse a guy was riding when he got cited for DUI here.

Humiliating the guy, who decided instead of chopping cats off people’s rides in a parking lot that he would just help himself at a scrapyard, is just oh so sweet. Employees of the business told police it was the third time he had trespassed on the property, so they were pretty happy about catching the guy.

As one can imagine, the thief himself was compliant and pleasant when the forklift was lowered and police opened the back door. Actually, he was defiant, telling cops his name was “Mr. Funk.” Considering his lack of personal hygiene that seemed oddly appropriate. He then said it was “none of your business, bro” when asked for his first name.


These are the morons climbing under your car with a Sawzall to hack off your catalytic converter so they can get a quick score. They’re also criminal masterminds as this guy concocts some poorly constructed story about running from someone and hiding in the scrapyard out of fear. Three times. Yeah.

He proceeds to try having a philosophical discussion with police about the difference between a lie and the truth, which devolves into the well-groomed Mr. Funk acting like a belligerent toddler.

By the way, the police found a Sawzall in Mr. Funk’s backpack. That’s like a totally normal thing for someone to be carrying when they get chased by someone and hide in the backseat of a car in a scrapyard, right bro? Catalytic converter thieves sure are dumb.

Check out the hilarious video for yourself.