Cheapest Electric Cars You Can Buy in 2023

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mini cooper electric se in new york
Cheapest Electric Cars You Can Buy in 2023Mini

There are more than 30 electric production cars on the market right now. Many of them are six-figure luxury cars, SUVs, or trucks, but there are a handful of affordable EVs out there. Here are the 10 cheapest electric cars you can buy right now.

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Price: $27,495
EPA-rated range: 259 miles

The Bolt is Chevy's first production EV, a small hatchback designed for cities and short commutes. It's had a checkered past with a massive fire-risk recall, but remains one of the most affordable electric cars on the market.

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2023 bolt ev front three quarter backed in on a residential driveway

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV

Price: $29,795
EPA-rated range: 247 miles

Think of the Bolt EUV as an SUV-ified version of the normal Bolt. It rides a bit higher, with slightly more space inside and a higher seating position. Range is roughly the same, as is the better-than-expected driving experience. This is, essentially, a Bolt made for ride-height-loving American shoppers.

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the 2023 chevrolet bolt euv redline black

2023 Nissan Leaf

Price: $29,135
EPA-rated range: 215 miles

With a base price under 30 grand, the Leaf stands tall as king of affordable Japanese electric cars. It's also one of the longest-produced EVs, with a lineage tracing all the way back to 2010. The latest version has great range (for the price) and a slick yet unassuming design.

We wish Nissan would sell us the Nismo version

2023 nissan leaf

2024 Mini Cooper SE

Price: $31,895
EPA-rated range: 110 miles

The first production electric Mini Cooper might not have the range of the Leaf, but the car makes up for it with impressive performance and a higher smile factor. Plus, it's competitively priced with its gas-powered counterpart.

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mini cooper se electric

2023 Mazda MX-30

Price: $35,485
EPA-rated range: 100 miles

The MX-30 is one of the cheapest electrically powered SUVs out there right now, though it's hard to recommend. It has an EPA-rated range of just 100 miles, though our colleagues at Car and Driver were only able to squeeze 70 miles out of the battery in their tests. If you can live with that, you'll be treated to nice Mazda handling, a sweet set of suicide doors, and a pleasant interior.

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mazda mx30 2022

2023 Hyundai Kona Electric

Price: $34,885
EPA-rated range: 238 miles

If you'd rather have a bit more range and two more real doors, theres also the Kona Electric. While we prefer the driving characteristics of the hot-rodded Kona N, the Electric has solid acceleration and plenty of range for most people. If you can put up with the weird grille-less face, it's a great buy.

2023 hyundai kona electric

2023 Volkswagen ID.4

Price: $40,290
EPA-rated range: 275 miles

The ID.4 is Volkswagen's first attempt at an electric car here in the United States. It's not very exciting and has an infuriatingly unintuitive interior space, but it does deliver a good amount of range for the price.

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2023 volkswagen id4

2023 Kia Niro EV

Price: $40,875
EPA-rated range: 253 miles

Want to lean deep into the weird design cues? Consider the Kia Niro EV. Its trippy two-tone body panels and French-car-inspired front end will make sure you stand out despite the lack of an engine.

2023 kia niro ev

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5

Price: $42,785
EPA-rated range: 266 miles

The Ioniq 5 is certainly the coolest-looking car on this list. With a square-themed, retro-inspired design, it stands out amongst a sea of boring, uninteresting vehicles in a way no other affordable electric car can. Plus, it drives well and delivers impressive range.

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2023 hyundai ioniq 5

2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E

Price: $44,795
EPA-rated range: 270 miles

The Mustang Mach-E is undoubtedly one of the sportiest cars in this bunch, utilizing a rear-drive platform and sporting some very Mustang-inspired looks. While it might not be a real Mustang, we love how it drives.

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2021 ford mustang mach e first edition all wheel drive long range
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