Check Out The Aftermath Of Alan Ruck’s Rivian Truck Crash

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Check Out The Aftermath Of Alan Ruck’s Rivian Truck Crash
Check Out The Aftermath Of Alan Ruck’s Rivian Truck Crash

Hollywood actor Alan Ruck was involved in what some see as embarrassing incident on Halloween night when his Rivian R1t all-electric pickup truck accelerated suddenly, smashing into the side of a Los Angeles pizzeria. It didn’t take long for people to make the association between this real-world accident and the famous scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Ruck’s character accidentally sent his dad’s classic Ferrari flying through a window.

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OnScene TV captured some good footage of the aftermath of the crash as firefighters worked to remove the all-electric truck from the side of the building. Firefighters can be seen talking to a seated woman, although we don’t know exactly why, but it’s likely she was one of those suffering only minor injuries. She’s wearing a pink formal dress, almost like what you’d expect to see on the princess characters at Disneyland.

Mangled cars were also shown in the footage. It’s apparent the Rivian, which weighs a whopping 7,100 lbs., did considerable damage in just a few seconds.


Thankfully, reports indicate the crash, which happened at Raffallo’s Pizza at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard, didn’t result in any deaths. Some injuries were reported, including another driver who had to be hospitalized, says KTLA.

Surveillance footage obtained by KTLA shows Ruck’s Rivian R1T EV truck sitting behind another car at the red light. After pedestrians finish crossing, the pickup suddenly surges forward, barreling through the intersection, finally smashing into the Italian restaurant.

A man who was interviewed by KTLA claims to be the first one to help Ruck out of the Rivian. He says the actor was concerned about anyone he might have hit, telling the Good Samaritan he didn’t know why the truck suddenly accelerated out of control.

Right now, people are theorizing if the error came via human or machine. Some Rivian owners on forums have complained about sudden acceleration without touching the pedal while stopped, but we can’t say for sure if that’s what happened in Alan Ruck’s accident.