Check Out The Aftermath Of Michael B. Jordan’s Ferrari 812 Crash

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Check Out The Aftermath Of Michael B. Jordan’s Ferrari 812 Crash
Check Out The Aftermath Of Michael B. Jordan’s Ferrari 812 Crash

It’s brutal enough seeing a Ferrari get crashed at all, but to see actor Michael B. Jordan wrecked his Ferrari 812 into a parked Kia over the weekend in Hollywood is just brutal. What’s more, there’s a tornado of questions and confusion about this celebrity car crash and the possibility of a larger story developing.

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Some early reports of the crash didn’t indicate if Jordan was in or even driving the Ferrari 812 at the time. However, TMZ says it’s confirmed the actor was behind the wheel and that revelation has people talking.

The immediate assumption many on social media have jumped to was that the actor was intoxicated at the time. However, the TMZ report indicates police concluded Jordan wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Things get a little interesting since Jordan reportedly offered zero explanation for how he crashed his Ferrari. It wasn’t just a little love tap against the Kia – the front passenger-side wheel assembly was sheered of the 812 and the fender of the Italian car, along with the fender of the Kia, were destroyed. That had to have been quite the collision.

YouTuber effspot was able to rush to the scene and capture the aftermath, showing the sad state of the Ferrari 812 as a tow truck prepared it to the hauled away. It’s a truly sad sight but one has to focus on the very thing which has bothered effspot: why would someone order a blue Ferrari with gold wheels and red calipers? That alone should be some sort of crime.

What’s interesting about the damage to the car is the windshield showed signs of a possible impact high on the passenger side. Nobody is saying anything about if someone or something else was hit by the Ferrari.


It remains to be seen if there’s a fallout from Michael B. Jordan crashing his Ferrari 812 in Hollywood around midnight on December 3, 2023 or if this story quietly disappears from the news. TMZ said it reached out to the actor’s “team” and have received no response so far, so something tells us there’s an attempt to sweep this under the rug so everyone forgets it even happened.