Check out this model's colorful, streetwear packed closet.

New Yorker Hannah Mussette is a model and DJ, and her closet is a force to be reckoned with. Colorful, feminine and powerful, Hannah's style is a mix of glamorous streetwear that is also wallet friendly.

Video Transcript

HANNAH MUSSETTE: Hi. I'm Hannah. Welcome to my coveted closet. Come on in.


I live in Brooklyn, New York. I'm originally from Florida and I grew up where the fashion was you just throw on a t-shirt, you throw on some jeans, and you're good to go. Being in Brooklyn really made me go out of my comfort zone with style and experiment with different pieces. New York is literally you can wear anything and no one's going to bat an eye so dressing is a diary for me.

How do I feel this day? How do I want to express myself? If I'm sad and moody, I'm going to stick to the neutrals, the blacks , the whites, maybe the grays. But if I'm feeling very outspoken today, I'm in a happy mood, I'm going to stick to colors that make me happy, such as yellow, and reds, and greens, and blues. I would describe my style in three words as feminine, street wear, but also very colorful.


Here is my closet. My Bravado jeans. These are one of my favorite pairs of jeans because of the details and like the intricate stitches and just the tears. This denim jacket right here, you would think it's designer, you would think of Chanel, but no, it's from Forever 21. And I actually custom made the fringes on it because, I don't know, I wanted a cowgirl look, yeehaw. And I thought that the crystal little thing things would be a cute accent.

One of my favorite pairs of shoes, I will say, are these Doc's. And why? It's not just any boot for me, it's the platform because I'm short so a little thud, thud, thud, you're going to hear when I walk into a building because these are heavy. So the next shoe I, honestly, am obsessed with are these Jeffrey Campbell cowboy boots. I love wearing these during the summer with a cute little skirt or some shorts.

For accessories I'm definitely a sunglasses girl because, look, you see this, but ha, ha, ha now you see this. It's a whole different outfit, vibe, it adds a little somethin', somethin'. For earrings I love the hoop, but this is more than a hoop, it's a swoop.

The next piece of accessory that I could never walk outside and not wear again, I just can't, I feel naked, is necklaces. I really love to layer my necklaces with just a plain gold chain. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with being plain, OK, and then just layering it with other jewelry that has pendants.

I have too many bags to even pick a favorite, but if I had to I would say my little Telfar is my favorite because I feel like it matches the majority of my outfits, it's tiny, it forces me to only bring necessary things so my bag isn't filled up with lip gloss and just junk.


I really like this outfit. Obviously, I'm wearing it because of the colors. I'm a very big color person. I love using the color wheel. I feel like the color wheel conversation, when it comes to styling, doesn't come up a lot.

When people pick out clothing I feel like people are like, oh, what looks good to the eye. And subconsciously it's because we're thinking color wheel, we're thinking complementary colors, we're thinking secondary colors. I added in this button up top underneath just to add like dimension in the collar area.

It's important to stick to what feels good when trying on clothes because, honestly, you don't want to wear something that you're basically forcing yourself into. You want to feel confident, you want to feel like the baddest on the block when you're walking. Whether it fits your body right, whether it's the right length, whether it's the right tailor.

I feel like trends kind of put you in the same box as other people. Yes, it's good to look at trends. Watch them, but also incorporate them in your own style. I try to avoid fast fashion as much as I can and go thrifting. As much as we want new pieces, like today and tomorrow and the next day, it's kind of better to just mix and match what you have in your closet and go thrifting.

If I could say one thing to somebody that's afraid to be themselves it would be to knock down those walls, take a deep breath, just go for it. And don't worry about the critiques and don't worry about what the outcome could be.