Check Out These Vintage Chrysler Crash Tests

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They were cutting-edge back in the day…

You could say automotive safety tests have come a long way in the past few decades, thanks to advancing technologies. Nothing makes that more apparent than to watch old crash test footage like this compilation put together by Chrysler back in the day.

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The automaker tapped legendary broadcaster Chet Huntley to tout its record for safety-conscious designs borne out of rigorous scientific research using the latest cutting-edge technology: microprocessors. It all sounds rather quaint now.

If you’re a fan of classic Chryslers, seeing these legendary cars smashed up during the crash tests is going to make you squirm. Even though the vehicles likely were built for testing, it’s still disheartening seeing the sheet metal, frames, and other components ripple and otherwise deform upon collision.

What’s really fun is watching two smaller crash test dummies dance around on the headliner during a rollover test. Today that’s the kind of footage an automaker absolutely would avoid releasing for fear of spreading panic about how unsafe their vehicles are. But back then it was some sort of a weird flex. Guess you had to be there.

Thanks to advancements in CAD, the use of composite materials, crumple zones, strategic frame reinforcements, innovations in safety belts, and yes even to an extent airbags, cars these days crash so much better. Perhaps that’s why fatality rates are increasing once more?

It’s possible that in part the reason for more crashes is people aren’t paying attention as much while they’re driving. After all, a lot of drivers have the impression all the safety features on their ride will protect them no matter what. Not only are they surrounded by instantly inflating airbags, they have a plethora of electronic nannies constantly squawking at them if they cross a lane line without signaling first, get too close to the car in front of them, or literally get out of line in other ways. That, combined with the ease of automatic transmissions, leave drivers feeling bored.

So you have to ask yourself if with all these modern safety inventions and designs if we really are better off?

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