Chemtrail Ban Proposed By Pennsylvania State Senator With Apparently Nothing Better To Do

Photo: Win McNamee / Staff (Getty Images)
Photo: Win McNamee / Staff (Getty Images)

As they fly, jets naturally leave behind trails of condensation that are created by the exhaust from their engines. To many conspiracy theorists, though, those so-called “contrails” are actually evidence that “they” are releasing toxic chemicals into the air to do all sorts of illicit things. Depending on who you ask, it could be weather control, mind control or even population control. Not content to sit back and let “them” execute their dastardly plan, Pennsylvania state senator Doug Mastriano has introduced a bill to put a stop to all this, the Daily Beast reports.

Mastriano’s bill would “ban the release of substances affecting the state’s temperature, weather, or sunlight into the atmosphere over Pennsylvania.” To do this, he would update a 1967 law that was passed after amateurs conducted several “unauthorized attempts to suppress hail in central Pennsylvania.” As a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture told the Pennsylvania Capital-Star, since the original law was passed, it had yet to receive an application for a cloud seeding license and was unaware of any attempts to illegally cloud seed.

Nevertheless, Mastriano insists that, “Recent developments and new technology have brought forward the need to modernize the 1967 law.”


He also claims that silver iodide, which can be used for cloud seeding, is “known to be toxic” despite the fact that, per the Desert Research Institute, it is “not known to be harmful to humans or wildlife.”

“Spraying unknown, experimental, and potentially dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere without the consent of the people of Pennsylvania is a clear violation of Article 1, Section 27 of the PA Constitution,” Mastriano said.