Chevelles Take A Spill Off A Trailer After The Rick Ross Car Show

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Chevelles Take A Spill Off A Trailer After The Rick Ross Car Show
Chevelles Take A Spill Off A Trailer After The Rick Ross Car Show

Horrific footage of two Chevelles which were damaged after at least one fell off a trailer after the Rick Ross Car Show over the weekend has been shared online. People can believe the classic muscle car carnage and have so many questions about what exactly happened.

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ATL Muscle shared a reel on Facebook with closeup footage of the cars. One is off the trailer and on its side, the other with a mangled wheel hanging off. There’s also what appears to be a golf kart behind the overturned Chevelle, but we strongly doubt it was on the trailer.


Some people are wondering why anyone would load those two cars on that size of a trailer in the first place. We don’t have an answer for that. But even more importantly, people are questioning how or if the Chevelles were tied down.

It’s possible a tiedown strap failed or wasn’t secured properly. We’ve seen that happen before and the outcome is ugly, just like this.

Or it’s possible there was a collision, then the tiedown straps failed. That would help explain the wheel damage and the damaged fender right behind it. But all of this is pure speculation.

According to streetzwhipz on Instagram, who also shared video footage of the classic muscle car mayhem, the owner of the vehicles is royalfamily_king on Instagram. However, that account hasn’t posted anything about the incident, so that claim can’t be confirmed.

What we do know for sure is classic Chevelles aren’t exactly getting made anymore and values for more desirable models just keep climbing. Hopefully that means both of these cars will be fully repaired, although the one that flipped over will need more work.

It’s always a sad day when we see automotive beauties like these damaged, no matter the cause.

Images via ATL Muscle/Facebook