Chevrolet Camaro production will officially end after 2024 model year

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Production for the sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro will officially come to an end after the 2024 model year, GM announced today. Chevy is sending the Camaro out in style with a limited production “Collector’s Edition” for the 2024 model year, too.

If you’re wondering about what comes next for the Camaro nameplate, there isn’t a complete answer available yet. The only thing Chevy is prepared to say today is that the “Camaro” name will continue to be used in racing series like NASCAR, IMSA, SRO, NHRA and the Supercars Championship. You just won’t be able to find any on dealer lots after the 2024 model year is sold out.

The end is coming even quicker than you might imagine from hearing “2024 model year,” too. Chevy says the last Camaros will roll off the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant in January 2024, signaling that the final year will be a short one. For comparison’s sake, 2023 model year Charger and Challenger production is slated to continue until December 31, 2023. Even though the Camaro is technically lasting one model year more, its production will end just a month after Dodge calls it quits on its muscle cars.

As for the Collector’s Edition, Chevy isn’t releasing any more than some surface details about it today. It’ll be available as a package for RS, SS and ZL1 models for 2024. Plus, Chevy says to expect references back to the development of the first-gen Camaro, particularly as an homage to the program’s code name: Panther.

Orders for the Collector’s Edition will begin in summer this year, and Chevy says to expect a full breakdown of information then. Until then, the shadowy teaser photos at the top of this story will have to suffice as a preview.

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