Chevy Camaro Blacks Out To Lose The Fuzz

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Chevy Camaro Blacks Out To Lose The Fuzz
Chevy Camaro Blacks Out To Lose The Fuzz

We all know the feeling of ice in your veins when suddenly a cop pulls up behind you on the highway. They follow for a bit, no lights or sirens, but you just know they’re going to nail you for going slightly over the speed limit. Then it happens, those red and blue lights start flashing and you forlornly pull over to the right shoulder, knowing the encounter is going to cost you some hard-earned money.

Watch a cop try chasing a Polaris RZR through the woods here.

But not everyone thinks this way. As you’re about to see in the included video, a Chevy Camaro driver in Arkansas was in this exact situation and instead of pulling over, he decided to make a run for it most spectacularly, including blacking out as he slipped away into the night.


Most of us would never do this. For people who are into this sort of thing, they believe the sole reason is we don’t own a car that can go over 150 mph so it’s not feasible. That’s an attitude more akin to the Joker in The Dark Knight, one that a scary number of individuals in real life use to view the world on the daily.

Sure, some people wouldn’t run from the cops because they believe they’ll get caught and be in even more trouble. After all, if you’re driving your own vehicle and police can clearly see the license plate, they know who you are. Even if you get away temporarily, police will catch up with you later and the consequences will be severe.

Perhaps the driver of this Camaro has a fake plate, or the muscle car is stolen – we don’t know. But the fact he runs after the ASP trooper can clearly see his plate makes us suspect something like that is going on. Whatever the reason, the guy uses his V8 effectively, putting big distance between him and the trooper in no time. With his lights shut off, the black car essentially disappears.

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