Chevy Corvair Junkyard Homes Rotting Relics

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This is where Corvairs go to die.

The Chevy Corvair was once dubbed the car that's 'Unsafe at any speeds', but not many Corvairs remain on the road to test that theory out today. This unique and equally not thought very well out rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive car is a model that's presence is diminishing from the road, and even car shows - the last time I saw a Corvair in person was at an auction in 2019. So where did they all go? Apparently, there's a Corvair graveyard called The Corvair Ranch, where you're likely to see the most that have ever been in one place, but these cars are not moving at any speeds today.


Located in Gettysburg, PA, and started back in 1975, John Goulden, a Chevy Corvair devotee, started collecting these cars. Jeff Stonesifer, the current owner, now oversees over 600 Chevy Corvairs at the Corvair Ranch. The lot is stuffed with sedans, wagons, coupes, as well as Loadside and Rampside pickups, Greenbrier vans, and Ultra Vans (yes, these too are Corvairs) on at the ranch. In addition to the cars, there are several tractor-trailers stuffed full of parts of all kinds.

It’s not all rotting classic Chevy Corvairs, the ranch also offers services, like restoration work, machining, and rebuilding. You can even buy a t-shirt from their website if you feel so inclined.

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